Amalie Bruun interview

Check out this new video interview of fantastic Danish artist Amalie Bruun talking about her new music and working with Mark Saunders:

“Crush” by Amalie Bruun

Check out the video for “Crush” – Amalie Bruun’s new single. The song was co-written, produced and mixed by Mark Saunders.

Amalie Bruun “Siren”

Here is the video to the single “Siren” by Amalie Bruun. The song was co-written, produced and mixed by Mark Saunders at BEAT360 here in New York.

Coming soon.. Amalie Bruun’s EP “Crush”

Co-written and produced by Mark Saunders “Crush” will be released through acclaimed Danish record label and distributor A:Larm Summer 2012.

Rhapsody ‘producers corner’ interviews at BEAT360

BEAT360’s new blog

Check out the new BEAT360 blog here.

PNAU – video for new single ‘Solid Ground’

Check out the new video for PNAU’s next single ‘Solid Ground’. The track was co-written & co-produced by Mark Saunders at BEAT360.

Mark Saunders producing & writing with Amalie Bruun

Amalie Bruun

Amalie Bruun

Rocket Music Website launched

Rocket Music – The company that manages Mark Saunders has just launched their new website. Check it out here

Rocket Music

Shiny Toy Guns and Mark Saunders – together again!

Mark Saunders co-produced their Grammy nominated debut album ‘We Are Pilots’ back in 2006. On Friday the band officially announced that they have reformed with original singer Carah for the third album which Mark will be co-producing next month.

a few memories from ‘We Are Pilots’..

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